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Camaro parts 4 sale

Sorry for any pop-up ads - this is free webspace . . .

Cleaning out the garage.  Here are some 1st generation Camaro parts for sale.  Hope they can help you with your project.   

 The 67 brake parts should fit 68, and maybe 69.  Do your homework on that.  Here's what I've got:


  • 1967 front drum brake complete wheel assemblies - $50 each

  • Any questions?  Email me at or call Erik @ 510-220-2570    9am - 9pm California time.  Prefer to sell these locally, so no shipping hassles, but if you live far away and want it, we'll make it happen.   Scroll down for more details and photos . . .

    1967 DRUM BRAKE WHEEL ASSEMBLIES:  These were removed to do a disc conversion - they were working fine (as fine as drum brakes ever do...) when removed.  There are 2 of these - front driver's side & front passenger's side.  They are both complete from spindles to dust caps, including bearings, drums, shoes, and all the little springs, etc. that are inside making it all work.  The only part not included on each is the steering arm that bolts behind the drum & spindle (attaches to tie rods), as we had to use those on the new disc spindles.  Hoses are attached, but need to be replaced.   $50 each


    Work in progress . . .